The biggest supermarket space in Prestwick town centre is to be sliced up into four – including a pair of restaurants with takeaway options.

The Los Angeles Times has ranked the building ahead of attractions in Egypt and Tokyo despite its doors not set to open until September.

The Smiths front-man apparently asked his audience: “Do any of you actually like Nicola Sturgeon? Those hands will be in anybody’s pockets."

Charlene saw her GP, but was reassured that after two pregnancy tests and still having regular periods, it was extremely unlikely she was having a baby.

A source revealed the convicted killer was stabbed behind bars and was pronounced dead at Forth Valley Hospital.

Self-styled wizard Gordon Taylor was hauled into court after cops raided his home and discovered his strange stash.

Robert Gallacher decided to shave his hair off and raise money in memory of Eilidh McHugh and Leanne Hawkins.

The Ayrshire factory supplied school uniforms and work wear with “increased competition" blamed for its demise.

The 48-year-old was last seen in Alexandria in Dunbartonshire.

John Poole punched and kicked the pet on Main Street in Ayr in front of horrified witnesses before throwing the dog on the road.