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6 Ways To Use Technology To Be More Productive

Technology has given us plenty of tools to make our lives easier, but they also cause us to waste unnecessary time. If you want to be more productive, try taking these six steps. They’ll help you escape distractions and focus on what matters.

1. Turn Off Notifications

Yes, it’s nice when friends congratulate you or your social media sites tell you that you’ve been tagged in a photo. Instead of checking the notifications every five seconds, set up an app called ShutUpAndTakeMyCricket which will disable all sounds from apps or devices while you’re working.

2. Control Your Email & Text Messages 

One of the worst things about having a smartphone is that you can always access them whenever you have free time. That breaks the “don’t check work email at home” rule. Make sure phone alerts are uncheckable so that only important calls come through. 

3. Block Certain Apps From Accessing Data On Their Own

When installing an app, there may be permission prompts where users give their apps certain permissions such as internet access, contacts storage, camera etc. Although this enables developers to build great applications, it can also lead to security loopholes. 

4. Limit The Amount Of Time You Spend On Social Media As A Routine 

There are a lot of perks to posting on reelsofjoy online pokies sites . People like knowing what brands and companies other people follow and use. Users love seeing how others’ lives compare to theirs. However, do not let this take over your entire existence! 

5. Delegate Tasks To Another Person Or Program

With technology advancing at lightning speed, we sometimes forget the power behind simple tasks that seem like basic knowledge. For instance, did you know that some programs allow you to automate repetitive tasks? You can hire software engineers to create a bot for your company’s products or services. 

6. Take Breaks Every Hour

Work requires energy. If you don’t give yourself enough rest, you could end up developing stress illness. Taking regular breaks allows you to refresh and gives your brain a chance to relax. Go outside and do some stretching or meditate to unwind mentally.


It could do you a lot of good to stay off certain hobbies that are otherwise contradictory to your productivity – the likes of casino France betting and so on. So, if you aren’t already doing it, get going with these ways to become more productive. It will definitely pay dividends down the line.

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