Home News Anti-abortion group leading opposition to buffer zones has only male executives

Anti-abortion group leading opposition to buffer zones has only male executives

VSP SDR AbortionProtestors JPG
VSP SDR AbortionProtestors JPG

Protests against abortion clinics have been led predominantly by an organization that prides itself in advocating for unborn children. This organization, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children’s (SPUC), interestingly, features an all-male executive team, as presented on its official online platform.

The protest actions outside abortion providing medical facilities have been found disturbing and have sparked action by Green MSP Gillian Mackay. The lawmaker has proposed the establishment of “safe access zones” around these facilities as an attempt to discourage the assemblage of anti-abortion proponents.

Opponents of the protests argue that they usually harass women, thereby infringing on their rights to access healthcare services. However, SPUC, as one of the primary pro-life bodies against the suggested legislation, interprets these protests as “vigils”.

Michael Robison, SPUC’s Executive Director, is of the opinion that the demonstrations are “not harmful” and campaign their “life-saving work” and therefore should persist.

The organization received reproach for having an all-male executive faction. The executive team includes Chief Executive John Deighan who believes in creating a society where unborn babies and their mothers are given the rights they deserve. Charlie McCluskey holds the role of executive director of “outreach and development”, with Robinson as the third key figure.

Labour MSP Monica Lennon’s commented on the male-dominated executive team stating, “Some of the most vocal and aggressive anti-choice campaigners are men, so it’s not a surprise that SPUC’s executive team is male dominated. It’s alarming that pregnant women experience daily intimidation and harassment by extremists who oppose abortion.”

Mackay, also aligned with Lennon’s sentiments, added, “Every woman should have the freedom to access healthcare without fear of intimidation. The men involved in these protests need to empathize with the women they are targeting.”

In response, Grace Browne, Communications Manager at SPUC highlighted that women hold pivotal roles within the organization. Women’s voices and influences within SPUC and are pivotal in steering the organization in its affirming work across the UK. Browne asserted that abortion is a human rights issue and not just a gender-based topic.

As the ongoing protests in Glasgow stage a standstill to the abortion rights, many urge citizens to consider the feelings of those on the receiving end of the heated exchanges. With this rising debate in Glasgow and across the country, the conversation around legal and health frameworks supporting abortion continues.

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