Home News Bigamist wife dressed up in green scrubs and ‘nurse in charge’ badge

Bigamist wife dressed up in green scrubs and ‘nurse in charge’ badge

Bigamist wife dressed up in green scrubs and ‘nurse in charge’ badge
Bigamist wife dressed up in green scrubs and ‘nurse in charge’ badge

Past spouses of infamous bigamist, Lisa Davies, have shared their personal stories following her secret marriage to a sixth man.

Priorly, we revealed how 43-year-old Lisa tricked bus driver Peter Knight into matrimony, creating a deceitful narrative that she was a high-ranking doctor at a hospital in Northern Ireland.

This allegation turned out to be entirely false, as Lisa not only had no medical qualifications, but also had a previous conviction for bigamy from a marriage to her third husband, Mike Hughes, while still legally partnered with her second husband.

Sixth husband, 63-year-old Peter, was informed via text message of Lisa’s dubious past on their wedding day, but dismissed the information, unwilling to believe such shocking news. After discovering the accuracy of these revelations, the man from St Andrew’s, in Fife, ended the marriage, expressing that he felt profoundly duped.

Other former husbands of Lisa have also shared concerning anecdotes about her life of illusion, in wake of her most recent marriage. She was charged with bigamy in 2016 at Cardiff Crown Court and was sternly admonished by a judge for her calculated duplicity.

Contacting the public by her former identity, Lisa Everard had already divorced once and remarried. She committed bigamy in July of that year with her third husband, a truck driver named Mike Hughes.

Mike, from Newport in Wales, has since spoken about his past with Lisa using the same imposturous medical charade on him. He elaborated on how the couple met online and she explained to him that she was a senior charge nurse. In his words, “She dressed every morning in green medical scrubs and wore a red metal badge that said ‘Nurse In Charge’. She claimed she worked at St Cadoc’s secure mental institution outside Newport, Gwent.

He goes on to explain how, unfamiliar with the world of nursing, he did not question her assertion and blindly believed her.

He said: “She proposed and arranged everything from wedding rings to paperwork and the venue. When we got married I encountered another level of shock – she was already married.”

Mike explained how they were made aware of her bigamous actions when her lawful husband discovered photographs of their wedding on social media, upon which he reported her. He added, “She almost ruined my life. My health deteriorated while we were together. I was left £15,000 in debt after I was persuaded to take out bank and car loans, which she said we’d pay off together.”

As the past emerged, it was discovered that Lisa invited her soon-to-be fourth husband, Neil Annis, a senior nursing assistant from Worcestershire, to stay in Mike’s house while still married to him. Once her marriage to Mike was legally dissolved in 2019, she proceeded to marry Neil at Gretna Green making similar false claims about being a medical professional.

Following her divorce annulment with Neil, Lisa relocated to Bangor in Northern Ireland. There, she cohabited with yet another future “husband” — we have chosen to use the pseudonym “Simon” to respect his anonymity.

She returned to her old falsehoods, claiming to be a senior nurse, and later organised a wedding ceremony with Simon in Bali. However, this wedding transpired 18 days after she had acquainted with Peter, the Scottish bus driver living in Northern Ireland who would become her sixth husband. Simon, in turn, texted Peter on his wedding day as a warning about Lisa — also known as Alisa — while he was preparing to marry her at Gretna Green in July.

Complaints regarding Davies’ fake claims to be a doctor are now being investigated by the Police Service of Northern Ireland, with a further complaint received by Police Scotland. However, Alisa Knight has refuted these accusations claiming “These accusations are untrue.”

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