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Bridge Collision in Addiewell Stops Glasgow-Edinburgh Rail Services

Network Rail
Network Rail

A collision between a vehicle and a bridge in Addiewell momentarily halted the smooth flow of train services connecting Glasgow Central and Edinburgh stations. The incident, which took place at approximately 8:43 am on Monday, prompted an immediate advisory from ScotRail informing passengers of potential disruptions.

As the morning unfolded, the urgency to ensure passenger safety led to the temporary cessation of services until a thorough examination of the bridge’s integrity could be conducted by Network Rail engineers.

Commenting on the situation, a representative from Network Rail stated, “Following the report of a vehicle’s collision with the bridge in Addiewell, a comprehensive safety inspection is imperative. Until our experts assess and verify the structural integrity, it’s paramount to withhold train services.”

Initial indications suggested that Network Rail personnel would be on site within a span of 20 minutes, post the incident. Passengers and daily commuters eagerly await further updates as they hope for services to resume seamlessly.

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