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Brighten up your spring with Sunflowers at Dobbies’ Glasgow store

C UNP Dobbies LSC Ambassador Evelyn Brown Dundee scaled
C UNP Dobbies LSC Ambassador Evelyn Brown Dundee scaled

Free sustainable Little Seedlings session for kids

On Sunday 5 March, Dobbies, the UK’s leading garden centre, will host a free session for its Little Seedlings Club in its Glasgow store. Children aged 4 to 10 will learn how to grow Sunflowers, to inject some sunshine into gardens this spring.

Dobbies’ Little Seedlings Club offers exciting educational activities that give children a greater appreciation for the nature, plants, and wildlife around them. March is a great time to get the gardening gloves on and start sowing seeds to help brighten your outside space.

Dobbies’ Super Sunflowers workshop will cover the history of these striking blooms which can grow up to 10 feet tall, what they represent, their influence on art, and their significance for our gardens and wildlife. Dobbies’ horticultural experts will educate the children in Glasgow on how to successfully sow and plant a Sunflower seed, alongside top care tips.

Children will also learn about how Sunflowers can survive in space, how edible Sunflowers can be enjoyed in recipes, and the nutritional value, vitamins and minerals that come from this wonderful plant. Attendees in Glasgow will also get to taste test Sunflower seeds.

Sarah Murray, Dobbies’ Partnership and Events Manager said: “Our Little Seedling Club is really popular as we strive to inspire and encourage young people and families in Glasgow to enjoy gardening, no matter the space they have. Sunflowers are fantastic for city, coastal and cottage gardens, ideal for beds, borders and pots, making them great for all. We’ll be encouraging our club members to measure their Sunflowers as they grow and keep their fellow Little Seedlings updated each month!”

Advance booking is required to secure a free spot at Dobbies’ March Little Seedlings Club session. For more information on how children can participate, visit events.dobbies.com

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