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Business Heats Up For Scottish Hot Sauce Brand

In October 2017, The Bonnie Sauce Company was launched by two Scottish Entrepreneurs after
success with their Mexican restaurants – Bonnie Burrito. Being all natural, nut free, gluten free and
vegan, customers have been keen to take advantage of the delicious Bonnie Sauce with all its added
benefits. By focusing on creating great tasting, natural hot sauces, Bonnie Sauce Co has managed to
find great success in their early years.

Not even two years after Bonnie Sauce Co’s founding, their success has skyrocketed and lead to the
versatile hot sauces being stocked in the highstreet supermarket Sainsbury’s. On 26th April, Bonnie
Sauce will be available at Sainsbury’s with their delicious flavours including; Mango & Habanero,
Smoky Chipotle and Fiery Scotch Bonnet.

At the moment, the Scottish hot sauce is only available in the bigger Scottish Sainsbury’s superstores.
However, with enough interest and support, the team at Bonnie Sauce Co are positive sales will
increase enough to push their 100ml bottles of fiery goodness to be available in more stores in the
near future.

A quote from The Bonnie Sauce Company co-founder Stephen Scurr – “It’s been a terrific effort from
everyone at The Bonnie Sauce Co. to get us to this point [being stocked in Sainsbury’s], but now the hard work
really begins. We’ve got our foot in the door, we just need to make sure sales go well enough and customers
enjoy our sauces enough to keep us there, where we want to be.”
So, next time you visit a Sainsbury’s store, remember to look out for your local Scottish hot sauce
brand, The Bonnie Sauce Company, and pick up a bottle that will be sure to ignite your taste buds.
Find out more at
You can also find Bonnie Sauce Co on Twitter and Instagram @bonniesauceco

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