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Chihuahua killer sentenced after tossing girlfriend’s lifeless dog out window


A man who subjected a Chihuahua to a brutal beating and was caught on film throwing the lifeless animal from a one-story window has been handed a 240-hour community service sentence.

Donald Gollan, a 35-year-old from Glasgow, was previously convicted of the horrific act of killing Archie, the 12-year-old pet of his former partner Laura Park, in her Helensburgh home.

Gollan was further banned from owning pets for three years upon his sentencing at Dumbarton Sheriff Court.

However, Laura believes that Gollan’s actions were so cruel that he should be permanently barred from owning pets and has called for life-long bans for individuals who behave as he did.

The court heard that Archie, the small dog, was already dead – the result of multiple broken bones from a prolonged attack – before he was thrown from the passageway window.

A neighbouring surveillance camera captured footage of Archie’s body being thrown from the window, followed by Gollan, shirtless, attempting to conceal the body behind a mattress in the yard.

Stating her home resembled a “crime scene”, Laura expressed disappointment at the sentence and has vowed to advocate for stricter penalties for animal mistreatment.

Donald Gollan
Donald Gollan
(Image: Supplied)

“He tortured and killed a living creature,” she said. “It’s shocking that the court did not fully take into account the pain and suffering he inflicted on that poor little dog.”

“Our laws need extensive reform. And I’m prepared to fight for that.”

“I simply can’t comprehend why the justice system would consider him capable of caring for a pet just three years from now.”

“Archie was a living, breathing, feeling member of our family. For 12 years, all he knew was love and safety.”

“I believe in lifetime bans.”

“The punishment does not match the crime. He has been found guilty of cruelly ending another’s life.”

She declared that the verdict has left her struggling to find closure.

Laura elucidates, “We will never achieve closure from such a vicious act. If only the judiciary acknowledged that Archie’s life was prematurely taken, it would have felt less like a blow to the teeth.”

“Archie’s tale will not go unnoticed. I will do everything in my power to make people aware of the inadequacy of our animal welfare system. And how our treasured pets, our babies, are disregarded under current law.”

“Pets represent more than just animals to us. They are a significant part of the family and are loved as deeply as a child or as the person who shares your bed.”

“Although pets are seen as part of the family, they are not legally recognised as such. And that needs to change.”

Laura Park has been fighting for justice for over two years
Laura Park has been fighting for justice for over two years
(Image: Supplied)

Gollan, who staunchly denied the charges, was found guilty after a trial of causing the death of an animal, disturbing the peace, use of abusive language and vandalism.

While pronouncing the sentence, Sheriff Kirsty Hood said: “The offence is serious. The conduct involved the killing of a beloved pet and has had far-reaching consequences. Nothing I say can make amends.”

In addition to the community service order and the ban on owning pets, Gollan has also been mandated to avail court-supervised drug and alcohol counseling, and been issued a restraining order against Laura for the next three years.

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