Farming personality, Kaleb Cooper, alerted fans to some unsettling news from Diddly Squat Farm following an unexpected visit to a medical facility.

Our cherished country hero from the popular show Clarkson’s Farm expressed his discomfort while sharing a picture from a hospital room, along with remarking “I don’t appreciate sitting in hospitals. I think I’m developing a phobia.”

While Kaleb did not disclose the reason for his hospitalisation, by Tuesday, he was back in action at the farm, providing his followers with all the latest updates. His co-star, Jeremy Clarkson’s right hand partner, shared a video from inside a tractor, bemoaning the heavy rainfall: “It’s excessively wet. How much more precipitation are we up for?”

The footage showcased Kaleb steering the tractor, contending with the saturated terrain. The vicinity around Chipping Norton is battling with flooding resulting from recent torrential downpours, making farming activities increasingly challenging.

Kaleb Cooper in a medical facility
Kaleb Cooper in hospital
(Image: @cooper_kaleb/Instagram)

Ironically, in a brighter recent post, Kaleb shared an uplifting picture from the farm, saying with positivity, “Summer, we are ready.”

Acclaimed for keeping his followers in the loop about everyday operations at the extensive estate owned by Jeremy Clarkson in Glasgow, Kaleb consistently posts about his vexation with the continual wet weather, as detailed by the Mirror.

The revelation of Kaleb’s forthcoming plans occurs following the disclosure of his exit from the popular Prime Video series. Followers can excitedly look forward to his third book about farming pursuits, scheduled for release later in the year, fittingly titled ‘It’s A Farming Thing’.

Kaleb's wet update from Diddly Squat Farm
caption says come on summer we're ready
Kaleb’s soggy news from Diddly Squat Farm
(Image: @cooper_kaleb/Instagram)

On a Monday, Kaleb, the renowned star of Clarkson’s Farm, expressed his eagerness about his forthcoming book on Instagram. He said excitedly, “I am thrilled about this!” Previously, he made an announcement saying, “I have exciting news! I have completed my first book ‘The World According to Kaleb’, followed by my second book ‘Britain According to Kaleb’. And now… This is my third book!”

In a touching tribute, he shared that the book is dedicated to his late grandfather, saying, “He was my pillar, my motivation, and that’s why I am so driven and hardworking. I hope to make a significant impact as a young person. Check it out on Amazon.”

The blurb of the book reveals: “Kaleb’s latest book captures his charming, down-to-earth character and his profound love of farming. His dry humor and unique observations will have readers rolling with laughter. This is the unexpected and incredibly funny tale of how he became one of the big names in farming today.”

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