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Costco Sets Sights on Expanding Its Footprint in Glasgow

Costco Glasgow
Costco Glasgow

Costco’s Expansion Plans Include a New Store in Glasgow

Costco, the well-regarded discount retailer, is considering the addition of a new store in South Glasgow. This comes as part of the brand’s broader strategy to set up 14 new outlets across the UK.

The company already has a footprint in Glasgow, courtesy of its store at St Rollox Business Park located in the Northern part of the city. With the current expansion on the horizon, South Glasgow is on their radar.

While the ambitious plan sees the rollout of these stores over the next two years, practical challenges such as property acquisitions could introduce potential delays.

For this expansion, Costco is collaborating with property development firm, Chase Commercial. Interestingly, all acquisitions related to this project will be self-financed by Costco.

Justin Parker, director at Chase Commercial, commented on the collaboration, “Our association with Costco aims to establish further warehouse clubs in the UK. Presently, our focus is on identifying 6-12 acre sites suitable for 150,000 sq ft establishments, accompanied by parking provisions for up to 650 vehicles and potential petrol and electric vehicle stations.”

With this move, it’s evident that Glasgow residents might soon have an additional Costco location for their shopping needs.

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