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Technology has become an integral part of living in the global village. However, many users have come across a lot of negativity in the process due to vast abuses of the internet.  The internet consists of websites, social media and online businesses and even real money online casino games.


Technology has strongly influenced students in their studies. Most university students use laptops and smartphones during their lectures. At times students using laptops during lectures can be spotted doing other things which are not relevant to their studies. This has a negative result on their studies. For some students laptops during class are a real distraction.

 It is however not logical to impose strict regulations during class time. A major problem in the global society is that the technology is now just as scary as it is captivating. The number of students who cannot function during lectures without taking a little glance on their mobile phones is huge.


The misuse of technology by students is a major issue that is not restricted to the classroom. Some students now into illegal activities. The results of which are far worse than leaking of the nude picture or getting infected with a deadly disease. Consequences of the actions can lead to expulsion and even incarceration.   

On campus across the globe students can be spotted walking with their heads down playing french online casino games on their mobile phones. These devices have are being used to facilitate study groups, discussion and other forms of interaction. While many students have become victims of technology, the truth is more are benefiting from the advances in tech.

There are people that think the problems students have with technology will become worse as technology advances, this is not what the growing trend shows. The time for students to handwrite notes during class instead of typing them is long over.

Spending time with friends doing different physical activities such as playing soccer has been affected by technology advances. It is important that you make sure technology does not control your life.

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