Question Time was held in Edinburgh, where several of Scotland’s prominent politicians participated on the panel.

With the General Election just three weeks away, Scots took this opportunity to pose their important queries to leaders and key players. They challenged them to outline their plans for the country’s improvement.

However, the host, Fiona Bruce, once again elicited significant response from social media users. Viewers expressed their indignation at her style and behaviour on the BBC show.

The Antiques Roadshow presenter was accused by viewers of consistently interrupting the SNP’s deputy first minister Kate Forbes MSP. Many were annoyed by her continuous habit of overlapping guests.

On the panel with Kate Forbes, a representative of Nicola Sturgeon’s government, were Scottish Conservatives’ leader, Douglas Ross MSP; Scottish Labour leader, Anas Sarwar MSP; Stephen Noon, the chief strategist of the 2014 Scottish independence campaign, and former UK Government adviser, Iain Anderson.

Vociferous debates sprang up on Twitter regarding Bruce’s hosting style. Some users requested that Bruce allow Forbes to express her thoughts freely. Others noticed that Bruce seemed to particularly challenge the nationalists without interrupting Douglas Ross.

Other viewers, however, argued that Bruce acted appropriately in ensuring all panel members had the opportunity to respond to the audience’s queries.

Reports suggest that viewers were further divided when the panel was asked, “How do we achieve a fair transition from oil and gas to clean energy without losing thousands of jobs?” Bruce sought Kate Forbes’s view on the SNP’s stance towards oil and gas licenses.

Kate Forbes clarified that they would evaluate each of the licenses on a case-by-case basis. This response incited laughter from the studio audience. As she sought to elaborate on her answer, Bruce interjected asking further questions on climate change compatibility.

Some viewers reportedly “switched off” following the intense altercation between the two.