Home News Fly tipper caught on Ring doorbell fined £500 by council

Fly tipper caught on Ring doorbell fined £500 by council

Fly tipper caught on Ring doorbell fined £500 by council
Fly tipper caught on Ring doorbell fined £ by council

A lady was unknowing videoed disregarding waste from her car, caught red-handed in the act of a flagrant fly tipping episode, thanks to a Ring doorbell she was unaware was installed at the scene. The episode unfolded on the roadside in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire where local observers spotted the woman dumping out kid’s toys and apparel.

Consequently, she was handed a £500 penalty note after the illegal disregard of waste was seen and reported to the Environmental Health department of the East Ayrshire Council. The scene of the crime was approximately a mile from the free local recycling center which she opted to ignore.

A concerned resident raised the alarm regarding the incident that occurred on a Thursday morning the 16th of May, 2024 in the Bonnyton district of the town. An inquiry was subsequently initiated.

The recorded video footage, which spans thirty seconds approximately, displays the woman, seemingly of middle age, decked in a lilac vest top, stonewash jeans, and black trainers, quickly pacing to and from her car.

The video captures her off-loading two bags, a substantial kid’s plaything, and positioning them against some shrubs close to the car. She then moves to switch her car into reverse before accelerating and leaving the scene.

The shared video sparked indignation amongst the Kilmarnock denizens after it was recirculated through a Facebook community page for the locals. The caption underscored the irritation best; “Can the person who just fly tipped their rubbish in the lane in Bonnyton please return and lift it. This will be passed to police and the council if it’s not lifted today.”

Citizens were swift in their responses, impressing upon the social offender the consequences of her actions in the comment section. One local was heard saying, “Well done for outing her. Definitely someone with knowledge of that wee lane. She probably stays in Bonnyton.”

Another commented, “Fantastic footage, don’t wait to see if she uplifts it, go straight to the police and council.”

Despite the remarkable proximity of a local recycling center to the scene of the crime, which left some residents puzzled, some voices on the Facebook page were less aggravated by the incident. One commented: “Everyone stop being so harsh. At least give her one last chance to do the right thing. People do it every day.”

In the aftermath, a representative from the East Ayrshire Council appreciated the role of the public in identifying and reporting instances of fly-tipping and urged residents to report instances of illegal waste disposal. In their chatter, they also stressed the importance of adhering to legal methods of waste disposal. For instance, the Council operates an appointment system at the local recycling center to streamline the disposal process without the vexation of queuing.

Furthermore, if hiring a contractor, they highlighted the importance of vetting whether the contractor is a SEPA registered waste carrier and can offer a waste transfer note detailing the legal course of action concerning your waste disposal. They ended with the line, “The Council relies on reports from members of the public to help us detect and deter instances of fly-tipping and to help keep East Ayrshire Clean, Green and Vibrant”.

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