As the curtain falls on yet another week, myriad individuals are contemplating plans to ensure a vibrant and engaging weekend. Knocking heads against the enjoyable tradition of Friday pub quiz in [Glasgow]( is, in our humble opinion, a notable way to set the perfect weekend tone.

Whether you are sipping a pint in an energetic crowd of your pals, or quietening down with a book in the tranquil atmosphere of your home, the quiz presented this week serves as an entertaining avenue to challenge your general knowledge and recollect significant week-long global events.

We have complied an intriguing set of 10 questions, traversing from the realms of science to the glitz and glamour of the film industry. Not to forget, a handful amount of current affairs to check if you’ve been abreast with the latest happenings.

Even if you miss the crown of perfection, this quiz offers a rich pool of facts to broaden your knowledge sphere. Your friends might get awestruck next time you meet them with a treasure of interesting facts straight out of your impressive memory box! So, think you have it what it takes then? Settle down for some fresh mental exercise.

Roll the dice wisely and drop by in the comment section to let us know your score!

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