Just a few days post the flash floods causing chaos in a town in Scotland, the Met Office has indicated that the deluge is not likely to alleviate anytime soon. This follows the yellow weather alerts issued across the UK, signaling intensive bouts of rain.

While the yellow weather warning ended on Monday, May 13th, experts cautioned that rapid or deep floods could pose a potentially lethal threat. However, the weather outlook is not entirely grim.

The weather forecast for Tuesday, May 14th, estimates a majorly dry and bright spell across the northern expanse, along with peeks of sunshine and showers across the southern and western territories. In other areas, the skies will turn cloudy with episodes of rain becoming heavy in certain areas.

From Wednesday to Friday, the weather will alternate between sunshine and showers. The showers will sometimes be heavy, with sporadic stretches of continuous rainfall. The temperature is expected to drop closer to the average scale.

From Saturday, May 18th to Monday, May 27th, showers will progressively appear across the UK, extending throughout the week and over the weekend.

The temperature will typically range around or a tad above average. However, with light winds, the warmer areas will still feel pleasantly warm. Over the weekend, the north is likely to experience a relief from showers with drier, more stable conditions possibly setting in.

Predictions for the upcoming week exhibit mixed signals causing lower assurance. Overall, showers in the south are likely to persist, while the north might continue to enjoy relatively drier weather. Temperatures are most likely going to remain slightly above average.

Dumfries, Galloway, Lothian & Borders

Cloudy weather with sporadic spells of rainfall, becoming heavier at times particularly over Dumfries and Galloway. The East coast is likely to remain dry with patches of fog lingering throughout the day. The highest temperature is likely to be 17C.

The night is anticipated to be fairly cloudy with light showers fizzling out by morning. The night will be mild with light easterly winds. The minimum temperature is expected to be 11C.

On Wednesday, the day will start on a rather cloudy note, but the residual overnight rain will dissipate soon. The weather will then turn mainly dry with the emergence of sunny spells and sporadic afternoon showers. Fog is likely to persist along the Berwickshire coast. The maximum temperature will hit 20C.

Over the period of Thursday to Saturday, the days are expected to be mainly dry featuring periods of sunshine. However, a few heavy showers are anticipated on Thursday and Friday afternoons. The weather will be warm barring the east coast.


The region will see cloudy weather with sporadic rainfall. Most of the rain will be light, with heavier falls likely over Kintyre, Arran and parts of Ayrshire. Light southeast winds will blow. The temperature will rise to a maximum of 17C.

The night will also see cloudy weather with occasional light rain that will mostly die out by morning. The temperature will be mild with light easterly winds. The minimum temperature will be 12C.

On Wednesday, the day will start cloudy but the last of the overnight rain will soon die out. Then the weather will become mostly dry with sunny spells interspersed with a few light afternoon showers. The maximum temperature will reach 20C.

The guidance for Thursday through Saturday is mainly dry weather accompanied by warm sunny spells and light winds. Showers are expected on the afternoons of Thursday and Friday.