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Glasgow Woman’s Relentless Fight: Turning the Tide Against Terminal Cancer

Stace obrien defies doctors
Stace obrien defies doctors

Unyielding Glasgow Woman Defies Odds Amidst Terminal Cancer Diagnosis.

A remarkable Glasgow woman, Stace O’Brien, refuses to surrender as she confronts terminal cancer, astonishing doctors with her resilience. Having been diagnosed with cancer seven times over the last decade, the 38-year-old battles cancer in her bones, breasts, lymph nodes, brain, and leg.

Stace, a resident of Glasgow city centre, also copes with Li-Fraumeni syndrome, a rare genetic condition that heightens her risk of developing cancer. Recently, Stace has had to cease treatment after doctors discovered three sizable brain tumors. Despite the odds, she perseveres and clings to life at the Maggie’s Centre in Glasgow.

Her devoted husband, Joost ten Wolde, has made significant sacrifices, including selling his car and considering a second mortgage to fund her treatment. With time running out, he now uses the money to plan her funeral.

Joost shared his admiration for Stace with the Glasgow Times, emphasizing her unwavering courage and determination. He expressed heartbreak at witnessing her struggle but drew strength from her tenacity, as Stace defied doctors’ predictions and remained alive beyond the expected date.

The couple’s journey began in January 2012 when Stace was first diagnosed with osteosarcoma bone cancer. After a five-year remission, she discovered a breast lump in February 2019, leading to a double mastectomy. Sadly, lymph node cancer was detected in December 2019, followed by sarcoma in her leg in February 2021. By October, the breast cancer had spread to her chest wall, heart, and liver. Last year, more cancer was found in her bones and brain.

Stace sought private treatment in London, which could have cost up to £20,000, but unfortunately, it did not yield a cure. In a remarkable act of generosity, Sir Billy Connolly donated one of his paintings to support Stace’s treatment, raising £800 through an auction.

Just as Stace and Joost were settling into their new Glasgow home, Stace’s health took a turn for the worse in March. Joost’s primary focus now is to ensure her remaining days are as painless and comfortable as possible, as he cherishes the time he has left with his beloved wife.

To contribute to Stace’s fundraiser, please click here.

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