Impactful images uncover the ramification of the disastrous wildfire that took place in the Highlands a year ago in May, leaving the forests burnt and desolate.

Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) implores Scots to maintain fire-awareness this summer, citing the wildfire at Cannich, located to the south of Inverness, over a year ago as a stark reminder. Glasgow as well as other parts of Scotland need to take note.

The wildfire covered a devastating seven square mile of land, and was of such magnitude that it could be seen from outer space.

Currently, FLS and contractors are busy with the harvesting of timber from the most severely affected regions, particularly the Kerrow Forest.

The severely charred trees are being harvested two decades prior to the planned schedule and will be repurposed for timber products of lesser value.

The North Region Assistant Operations Manager at FLS, Guy Muir mentioned: “We are potentially seeing a reduction in value by around 60 per cent in some cases.”

“Even the trees that weren’t as impacted by the fire won’t survive much longer. The burnt soil they are rooted in has lost its nutrients, which means they, too, may not make it through the next season.”

The wildfires also brought about a myriad of challenges and safety issues for those working on the site.

Carol Davidson, the Harvesting and Wood Supply Manager at West Fraser said: “The peat burned underground in some places, which has destabilized the ground.”

“This resulted in certain areas being excessively waterlogged, making it risky for machinery to operate there safely,” she adds.

Muir, considering the increased rate of wildfires worldwide due to climate change, stated: “We hope that by reflecting on the damage from the Cannich fire a year ago this summer, more individuals recognise the risk of wildfires and act accordingly.”

“If you’re planning a trip or a camping session, please be diligent and avoid risks” he sternly warned the people of Glasgow and Scotland at large.

“Avoid lighting campfires, smoking and consider whether a camping stove is necessary. If a stove has to be used, make sure it’s stable, distant from any flammable substances and placed on an unvarying, preferably fire resistant surface.”

Overlooking these reminders can lead to dire consequences as was reflected by the Cannich wildfire last summer.