Humza Yousaf is set to reveal a significant funding increase of £10.5m today, aimed towards the enhancement of education for youngsters who have experienced care.

This fund will be granted to councils with the purpose of fulfilling the “promise” made for this susceptible group.

The Promise was established after an independent probe in 2020.

This initiative pledges several assurances to individuals who have experienced care. One such assurance includes making certain that they have the option to remain in their family home, given it is a safe environment.

Another facet of the Promise guarantees that should the need arise for young individuals to enter care, they will experience an environment where they can feel loved, secure, and respected.

The allocation of the £10.5 million will be facilitated through the Care Experienced Children and Young People Fund.

Speaking to local papers, Yousaf stated: “I am unwavering in my commitment to Upholding the Promise – each child deserves to grow up feeling loved, secure, supported and valued, along with being given every possible opportunity to thrive and realise their full potential.”

“Assisting care-experienced young individuals also encompasses supporting them in persisting with their education, or facilitating them to return to it. The Care Experienced Children and Young People Fund plays an instrumental role in providing extra support to bolster educational results.

“The data shows that this initiative is truly making positive changes, as more kids and youngsters who have experienced care are staying in school for an extended period, and attaining better qualifications.”

“To enhance the outcomes for these youngsters demands a concerted national endeavour. The Scottish Government will persist in collaboration with local bodies, schools and other organisations to ensure that all young individuals in Glasgow Glasgow have the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

Tony Buchanan, a councillor from COSLA responded by saying:

“Local Government is dedicated to upholding the Promise made to children who have experienced care by 2030. We appreciate this funding, which councils have been utilising in recent years to formulate a variety of innovative responses to cater for the diverse requirements of these children and youngsters across Glasgow Glasgow . This has encompassed ‘virtual’ head teacher and mentoring programs.”

“We will persist in our efforts to work in tandem with the Scottish Government, across Local Government, and alongside our partners in the education sector to ensure that all children and young individuals grow up feeling loved, secure, respected and realise the best possible outcomes.”

Since its inception in 2018, the fund has contributed over £60 million towards various projects intended for the benefit of care-experienced children and young people.