Infamous woman who has married multiple times without divorcing her previous partners, forced one of her spouses into a psychiatric facility, falsely convincing medical practitioners that he was mentally unwell.

Master manipulator Lisa Davies targeted Mike Hughes, aged 47, shortly after she entrapped her fourth husband, Neil Annis, a healthcare assistant.

Previously, it was disclosed how Davies, aged 43, had feigned being a general practitioner, an acute care doctor and a senior nurse in multiple locations including Northern Ireland, England, and Wales.

In continuation of her facade, she professed to be an intensive care unit paediatric nurse in Belfast and lied about her daughter’s fatal car crash with a lorry, who in reality, is alive and healthy.

She adopted over 20 false names and two birth dates to beguile unsuspecting men.

Another victim, a bus driver from Glasgow, Peter Knight, recently disclosed his story to caution other men from falling into her trap.

Peter, 63, married Davies last July at Gretna Green subsequent to deceitfully leading him to believe that she was a medical doctor.

When the marriage was revealed to be fake, Peter discovered she had been previously convicted for bigamy. The mother of five, known to Peter as Alisa, conducted another non-binding wedding ceremony in Bali with another man a mere 18 days post their initial meeting in September 2022.

During their wedding day, Peter received a forewarning text message from the family of her fifth husband, indicating Davies’ fraudulent past.

Sharing his horrifying experience in the mental health facility, Mike Hughes, her latest victim, commented, “It was like a nightmare. The most frightening period of my life.”

“To this day, I am embarrassed and shamed by how I ended up in that situation.”

Locked in a room, he was checked by staff to ensure he was not a threat to himself and was repeatedly drug tested and interviewed.

“I was trying to persuade the staff inside the secure mental hospital that I wasn’t insane. I consider myself fortunate to have escaped from there. I was brought there by Lisa who was starting to engage in another relationship while I was incarcerated.”

Following Mike’s release from the secure hospital, their relationship ended. Mike moved in with an aunt as Davies stayed in his rented property.

Unbeknownst to Mike at the time, Davies had already made online contact with Neil Annis, a senior healthcare assistant who would become her fourth husband. He was unaware of her past. The police are currently investigating Davies’ series of false identities. Over the years, she has used various aliases, birth dates and has had three weddings at Gretna Green.

She convinced her last three husbands that she was a doctor among other senior medical positions.

Representatives of the General Medical Council and the South Eastern NHS Trust in Northern Ireland, affirmed that she is neither a licensed medic nor has ever been a doctor.

Lisa Jane Davies was born in South Wales in 1981. She has previously worked as a healthcare assistant, fast food employee, and office worker.

At present, she resides in Belfast, but claims to be Alisa Ali and resides in Dubai on social media platforms.

Her sixth husband, Peter, from Glasgow, has reported her to the PSNI and Police Scotland, Northern Ireland’s Health Trusts, and the HSCNI due to her fake claims of being a general practitioner.

Responding to the series of accusations levelled against her, she stated, “These accusations are not true.”