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Interesting Facts About a Football Pitch

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The excitement that mos6 people have about football is so unimaginable. The players and the actual games seem to be the most important thing to them. However, do you ever think of the football field or even the balls used for the game?

Pitch markings

These are very important aspects of the casino online Australia game. Markings are carefully measured. The use o the colour white displays these markings .Talk of the halfway line that divides these markings nine-inch diameter that marks the centre of the pitch.

Other important markings of the field include the penalty areas which is the 18 area and the centre circle as well.

The field grass

According to the DFL, the grass must be natural .People are employed to take care of these fields so that they are in good conditions.

However, it does not mean that in some cases the grass will be artificial. In a couple of UEFA matches that are played making use of the artificial grass. However, the colour of the grass remains green.

Subdivisions of the field

These pitches then subdivided into a couple of areas in which players play within.

The goal post

These are the two opposite sides of the field. These are eight yards from each other. Also, every ball that is played within that area is regarded as play. According to FIFA they should be in white. Did  you know that at south African gambling sites you can bet on your favourite football players and stand a chance to win big


This is the middle area of the pitch. The centre is used for kick-off at the beginning of the game. together with the centre circle which divide the whole field into half. No one is expected to b in the circle during a kick-off except the player kicking the ball.

Penalty area

Found on both sides of the field. There are rules followed on it. A penalty is given to an offensive player.

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