Frankie Essex, the sister of renowned reality television star Joey Essex, has moved hearts by suggesting that their late mother could have played a role from the afterlife in guiding his journey on the hit series, “Love Island.” Frankie delved into the emotional talks her 33-year-old sibling had about their beloved mother while appearing on the famous ITV2 dating game show.

Their mother tragically ended her own life when Joey was only ten. Frankie speculated, in a touching belief, that possibly their mum contributed in maneuvering Joey’s appearance on Love Island from the beyond, since she would have relished watching him settle down in life.

Frankie contextualized: “Discussing someone who is no longer with us can be challenging. Considering it’s Men’s Health Week with a focus on mental health, it was fitting for Joey to openly discuss our mother.”

Donning a sibling’s pride evident in her heartfelt admit, Frankie shared, “I was immensely proud of his bravery, since dealing with a loss like ours is not something you quite come to terms with but strive to live alongside of. Remembering them and keeping them alive in our hearts is essential, and Joey is indeed doing that.”

During an exclusive talk with OK!, Frankie shared her thoughts that their mum had a role in directing Joey to the dating show as she would have been overjoyed to see him established in life, adding, “I believe she would take immense pride in our accomplishments.”

According to Frankie’s knowledge, Joey, widely recognized for his tenure on ‘The Only Way is Essex’, appeared on Love Island because he’s genuinely looking to settle down. Answering queries about Joey’s quest for an authentic connection, she confirmed: “Indeed, he is in pursuit of genuine love.”

Reflecting on the intentions of other Love Island participants, Frankie noted, “I believe all Islanders are genuinely seeking love, except maybe a few who might be playing it all as a game. Given Joey’s past encounters with public dating, it’s clear he’s now sincerely ready to settle down.”

In conclusion, Frankie suggested that Jennifer Garner’s ex is now ready for a committed relationship: “I genuinely believe he’s now at a phase where he’s prepared to find a partner and settle down.”

In her concluding remarks, Frankie expressed her firm backing of Jennifer Garner’s ex’s search for love while admitting her keen watch on his relationship with Samantha Kenny in the show.

She revealed: “I can’t resist scrolling through social media every night to see people’s opinions about him. I fully support Joey’s endeavors and hope he finds love on the show, and at the same time, I’m keeping tabs on his partner to gauge the public response.”