Renowned Scottish boxing champion Josh Taylor faced a painful loss against his prominent rival Jack Catterall. Following the astonishing turn of events, a wave of outrage was witnessed by Taylor’s 92-year-old promoter Bob Arum. He called the judgement disgraceful after storming the ring in total disbelief.

After a wait of around 27 months, Catterall finally avenged his previous loss to Taylor, whom he beat through a unanimous scorecard of 177-111 on two cards and 116-112 on the other. While both the athletes demonstrated exceptional boxing prowess, it was Catterall’s neater execution that outshone Taylor’s efforts. However, Arum, the legendary promoter from Top Rank, didn’t hesitate to express his displeasure with the result before a massive crowd of around 10,000 fight enthusiasts in Leeds.

In a conversation with DAZN, an irked Arum commented, “These scorecards were disgraceful, unconditionally disgraceful. I was under the impression that Josh Taylor had the upper hand in the fight. I will never allow an American athlete to compete here ever if the British board continues to handle the scoring”. Meanwhile, Taylor maintained a more gracious attitude in contrast to his renowned handler and suggested the possibility of a third match. Taylor stated, “The fight was thrilling, and Jack significantly improved his combat strategies. His performance was more polished compared to our first encounter. While I thought I had the chance to turn the tables on Jack, it was a very closely contested match. Following the controversy that transpired during our previous fight, it seems like the judges were swayed by it to some extent.”

Despite defeating Taylor in a battle tagged as ‘Hate Runs Deep’, Catterall maintained a respectful tone. The Chorley-based fighter said, “With mixed feelings, I accept my victory. Although there were no world titles, I must acknowledge that I did win the fight. Today’s victory provides closure to my rivalry with Josh Taylor. I took more risks this time around, and all those risks paid off. Being an elite competitor that Josh is, it was important that I boxed smart. I believe I controlled the pace even during the rounds where I was more laid back. The contest was evenly balanced, but when I bagged a round, it was quite clear.”

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