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Kevin McKenna: Why I question the motives of those who seek to bury Corbyn

riverside museum

WITHIN the canon of beliefs of the authentic leftie there are several that ought to be considered inviolable. Underpinning all is the fundamental principle that considers all men and women to be equal and that each must have the opportunity to thrive unhindered by the encroachments of unearned privilege, military might or financial predation. It holds that each of us has gifts and that a just and enlightened state will recognise these and utilise them for the common good and at a fair rate of pay. In an affluent country like the UK the minimum wage ought to be sufficient to ensure a degree of material comfort and an expectation of robust health. The right to withdraw your gifts when these basic obligations are not being met is a sacred one and permits those who have little power to curb the baser instincts of those who have much. .

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