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Movies That Tackle The Issue Of Gender-Based Violence

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In the world that we live in people tend to forget or ignore some serious issues happening within our societies. the issue to do with gender-based violence have spiked over the years and need to be addressed so that people come up with a working solution.

As a way to make a point about the filmmakers have taken upon themselves to address it through their work. There are a couple of popular movies that have been made to raise awareness.

The stoning of Soraya

The storyline of the movie tells it all. The movie has a setting of Iran mainly centre on the life of a man who the end helps the abused Soraya from her abusive marriage and is into online pokies australia. The abuse was a result of the infidelity of the husband in the marriage.

Tapestries of hope

Africa is one of the continents with huge numbers of domestic violence and early marriage issues. The movie has done in Zimbabwe tell a story of how girls who have fallen into the trap of early marriages are now suffering from abuse who n. With the help of betty making, they fight through the girl child network worldwide.

Senorita Extraviada

His is one of the movies that seek to appeal to authorities. It talks of how the Mexican authority was ignoring the issues to do with the girls who were raped and killed.

It also seeks to explain how people tend to ignore the cry for help from the victims’ families.


There I just so many things that need to be addressed when it comes to issues to do with gender-based violence rather than playing crazyvegas casino games. A lot of young girls and women have lost their lives as a result of gender-based violence. These films among many others have tried to show what’s happening in reality.

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