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Mr Fabulous is struggling

fat mr f

Mr Fabulous was caught cutting some grass but who’s grass was he cutting? Where is he? In a public park? And why is he looking a bit on the heavy side?

fat mr f

A source within his team said that at the beginning of lockdown Mr Fabulous wasn’t very motivated and had been eating crisps, snacks, chocolate, basically eating unhealthily for a few weeks, which promotes an unhealthy life style, and is not like him at all. It seems like Mr fabulous has been struggling with his motivation but from what was said by a member of his team this may be because he has 3 kids and is trying to keep them motivated with school work and staying at home like most parents at the moment, but his family are all safe and well which is the important thing. It was also said that he had mixed feelings during this lockdown, educating, fun, exciting, stressful, draining, loving, upsetting but safe. The main thing keeping him going through lockdown is his positive attitude and looking forward to getting back out there doing what he does best.

Mr Fabulous was spotted helping a number of charities over the last few weeks by delivering food parcels and helping the elderly, at a safe distance of course, but also Mr Fabulous has just started a health and fitness challenge for ‘Hillhead Charity’ which helps children, families and vulnerable adults, and is hopefully going to help him get back into his sequence and on stage. By Oliver Sams (Mon 18 May 2020)

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