Historical fantasy enthusiasts might be in for a twist with the much-loved Outlander series potentially revealing a new time-travelling character in its concluding seasonal wrap-up.

The intense seventh season of the Starz drama is heating up as characters Roger MacKenzie (played by Richard Rankin) and Brianna Fraser (portrayed by Sophie Skelton), face a daunting challenge following their son Jemmy’s (Blake Johnston Miller) unplanned trip back in time, with Rob Cameron (Chris Fulton) at the heart of this event.

In the meantime, characters Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) are steering their journey back to their ancestral roots in Glasgow, Scotland. Yet, there could be more twists in their time-travelling adventures before the eighth and final season unfolds the Frasers’ destiny in full.

An observant fan on Reddit has speculated that the character, Amaranthus, might also hold the extraordinary ability to traverse through time. Appearing as a new face in the concluding part of the seventh season and as kin to the fan-adored Lord John Grey (Tim Downie), Amaranthus, if the rumours are true, may emerge as a central character in the forthcoming episodes as well as in the final season.

Bringing the character of Amaranthus to life will be actress Carla Woodcock.

Carla Woodcock
Carla Woodcock as Amaranthus in the second part of the seventh season

Avid follower of Diana Gabaldon’s intricate novels shared on Reddit, “I previously read a theory that hinted at Amaranthus being a time traveller. Revisiting Ch. 125 of Bees (Book nine, Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone), has only strengthened that belief for me.”

The fan expanded their theory, using as an example the term “on display”, used by Amaranthus, a phrase not typical until after the 1900s. They also stated, “Her reaction to the mention of Tarleton and Ferguson further into the chapter, underscores this theory.”

Corroborating this speculation could mean another time wanderer in Claire’s circle as the Fraser clan fortifies itself for Outlander’s final encounters. However, not all fans are convinced, with some drawing attention to a moment when Gabaldon herself seemed surprised by the conjecture.

During a conversation with Survived the Shows, she appeared to dispel the theory, yet she acknowledged that “it could be a possibility”, adding she had not written any scenes for Amaranthus in the yet-to-be-released tenth book.

The concluding part of the popular Starz drama is likely to deviate from Gabaldon’s original novels, leaving fans anxious and excited about what lies ahead as Outlander resumes its journey in Glasgow.

The latter part of Outlander season 7 is set to premiere on November 22 on Starz.