Your daily horoscopes for each star sign have been compiled by esteemed astrologer Russell Grant, who boasts over half a century of experience in reading the stars.


Your resolve to excel shields you from any guilt associated with risk-taking.

Interestingly, making a significant impact on a high-ranking executive could be easier than you think.

Your innate charm captivates those you encounter, making it challenging for them to resist your influence.


Success is likely if you’re partaking in property transactions, be it buying, selling or leasing a home. Teaming up with a friend or colleague to kickstart a creative endeavor should prove to be a gratifying and lucrative venture.

Embarking on a new journey injects a thrill into a personal or work relationship.


A prompt response to critical emails and texts is crucial. Keep paperwork under control to avoid things spiralling out of hand.

Although uncertainty might be prevalent, having clear priorities paves the way for a favourable outcome. Diligent organization will reflect in the result of your efforts.


Financial matters take precedence. You’re working towards a significant gain and anticipating the best outcome. Land a prestigious job, and a financial update is on the cards.

Home improvements, particularly to the kitchen or bathroom, can significantly increase the value of your home. A collaborative approach with a roommate may turn this into a worthwhile joint endeavor.


Your audacious spirit serves as an inspiration to those around you. Are you set to have some fun?

Your yearning for new experiences can lead you down a romantic path or offer satisfying opportunities. Get ready to set goals and embark on an audacious journey!


Flexibility to accommodate changes and others in your plans goes a long way in ensuring a smooth day.

Travel, academic pursuits, and figuring out issues with extended family can lead to positive outcomes. However, do try to steer clear from any unnecessary stress.


If the desire to travel for work or attend an educational session gnaws at you, let your supervisor know. You can indeed be overlooked if you keep your aspirations tucked away.

Pushing your comfort zone might be the ticket to breakthroughs you never imagined.


Novel updates related to a family affair or legal development might meet you.

If you’ve been sidelining your creative instincts, sprucing up your home could be an excellent creative outlet. A generous relative might just provide financial assistance.


Areas that were previously causing trouble begin to show improvement. People start to sit up and take notice of you, making it an appropriate time to fight for recognition of your skills.

Don’t shirk from asking for help, applying for loans, or filling out forms. Grab chances to advance your goals.


Your ability to bolster someone’s faltering confidence comes in handy now.

This enables them to carry forward with a venture they were considering abandoning. While new collaborations seem enticing, for now, you have chosen to keep things under wraps, and that’s entirely up to you.


Make sure to weigh the pros and cons of any new joint arrangements. It’s of paramount importance to prioritize practical results and aim for a decision benefitting all parties.

Showcasing your capabilities is integral to career advancement. If you aspire for ideal assignments, perfect your pitch.


Financial disagreements might disrupt household dynamics, bringing some disappointment. Unexpected costs can make a home renovation project more expense-heavy, forcing you to find alternatives.

A rescue plan may be brewing in your mind, but it could be challenging to get your family’s support.

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