Discover your daily horoscope for each of the twelve zodiac signs right here. These forecasts, designed by astrologer Russell Grant, have been derived from his five-decade-long experience of reading and interpreting star signs.


A communication you receive may leave you perplexed. An unexpected text or email might lead you to question someone’s serious intent. A sparkling social event at a renowned venue might be on your schedule.


You may be a forward thinker, but interruptions and disturbances can easily shift your timeline. There still remain quite a bunch of tasks on your list. You might need to postpone some of these for the later part of this month.


A packed schedule leaves no room for ennui. While relaxation seems far fetched, you may find this bustling phase quite exciting. You might find yourself wishing every day was as engaging and stimulating.


There’ll be announcements about measures intended to assist individuals in your sector. Significant sums will be allocated towards existing and forthcoming initiatives. This marks a positive shift that helps you envision the future.


A co-inhabitant may step in to oversee home repairs, allowing you to continue your group assignment. As last-minute changes pop up, people will turn to you for guidance. Utilise your connections to pry open previously inaccessible doors.


Don’t belittle your creative prowess by leaning too much towards practicality. Everyone possesses the potential to work wonders with their mind. Embrace creativity by learning an instrument or participating in a class. Embrace the beginner’s mindset.


Some plan postponements might become inevitable. However, they may lose significance before your new projects. People around you will be cooperative. If you need information, someone is likely to procure it for you.


Your extra hard work and overtime will now pay off generously. A bonus, profitability or unexpected event tickets might be coming your way. It shows your hard work and dedication are widely appreciated.


Some choices before you might not lead you anywhere. But you have enough time to assess each option individually. It’s unlikely you’ll play safe as advised; instead, you may opt for an exhilarating route.


A younger family member might seek your advice. Their monetary status might demand attention. After a quick assessment, you might be able to provide practical advice to navigate them out of the crisis.


There’s a robust feeling of unity in your close relationships. Social endeavours may also involve your partner and other family members. Marital talks may surface if you’re single, and if committed, reaffirming vows could be on the cards.


Your recent transformation might surprise your family and friends. Give them some time to adjust to this new you. Once they do, the praises you have been quietly hoping for will pour in.

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