Following the tragic loss of a precious Kirkcudbright boy, his devastated family has found solace in the extraordinary wave of compassion and aid from the local community. The untimely death of Izaak Collins, who passed away suddenly in his home last Wednesday at just 14 years of age, has resonated deeply within the community and beyond.

This heartbreaking departure of such a blooming young soul has sparked a profound grieving response, reaching far beyond the confines of his town.

Remembered as a cherished elder brother to Ethan and Sebi, the young boy was a well-respected pupil at Kirkcudbright Academy and an ardent member of the local Army Cadets.

In remembrance of her departed son, Izaak’s mother Louise instigated a beautiful community activity, inviting everyone to light a candle in a jar within the Parish Church grounds on the following Friday evening.

A staggering crowd of approximately 300 individuals gathered to remember and celebrate the vibrant life of the young teenager.

Speaking on behalf of the mourning family, grandfather Brian Collins expressed their gratitude towards the overwhelming support and love showered upon them, “The support has been phenomenal. It’s overwhelming. Izaak was so well known around the town, never mischievous but always up for a laugh and entertaining others.”

He also took a moment to appreciate the aid and services provided by the local schools in Kirkcudbright and the educational authority, terming it as ‘fantastic’ and ‘superb’.

While reflecting on Izaak’s enthusiastic involvement with the Army Cadets, Brian shared, “Izaak was also a member of the Army Cadets and they wish to hold him up as an example of what an Army Cadet should be.”

He painted a lively picture of Izaak, talking about his dedication to maintaining his appearance and attire, and the pride he took in his uniform head gear of the 1st Scots.

A fundraising activity initiated by Kirkcudbright Primary School and Nursery Parent Council, with the backing of the school, was also successful in gathering nearly £13,500 till now. The funds raised will be utilized to manage the funeral expenditures and to support Louise and her family through their tough time.

Brian was both moved and astounded by the generous contributions from a diverse group of people and businesses within the community. “We are overwhelmed by the generosity that has been shown. People have poured their hearts out to help our family at this distressing time.”

He also expressed gratitude towards the professional and sympathetic conduct of the police and ambulance staff, stating that their conduct was praiseworthy and are deeply affected by the loss.

For those who wish to extend their support to Louise and the family, contributions can be made here.

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