In an unfortunate turn of events, a reckless father under the influence of alcohol lost control of his vehicle, resulting in a crash that injured his friends. Abandoning the scene and his friends, who sustained injuries including broken ribs, necks and backsies, the young father has now been sentenced to 14 months in prison.

On a fateful night in August 2022, Calum Wilmington, had been spending time with his old school friends at the Gryffe Inn, Bridge of Weir. Despite being under the influence of alcohol, he decided to drive his four friends home.

Driving while under the influence led to him losing control of his Vauxhall Corsa. The car spun 180 degrees, hit a kerb and rolled on to its side. The 22-year-old made the decision to run away from the scene, leaving his injured friends behind. One passenger sustained severe injuries with broken bones in his neck, back and ribs.

The injured individual also suffered two brain hemorrhages, which have led to short-term memory loss, sensitivity to light, and the need for long-term neurological care.

In a recent hearing at Paisley Sheriff Court, Sheriff Eoin McGinty criticised Wilmington’s series of poor decisions. He deemed custody to be the only fitting penalty given Wilmington’s culpability.

The prosecutor, Michael Cunningham, informed the court of the details of the incident. He explained how Aidan Carslaw, Dillon Carslaw, Nina Docherty and Ciaran Docherty were in Wilmington’s car, heading towards Howwood. Wilmington was intoxicated and driving at an unsafe speed given the road conditions. He lost control of the car, causing it to veer off the road and land on its side.

Wilmington left the scene before the police and medical staff arrived. Aidan, who was sat in the back of the car, managed to get to a nearby house to ask for help.

All four passengers were taken to the hospital for medical treatment. The authorities subsequently found Wilmington back at his home in Horsewood Road, Bridge of Weir.

At the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Dillon was diagnosed with multiple broken bones in his neck, back, and ribs, along with two brain bleeds. His injuries required long-term medical attention from the NHS.

Nina suffered a broken collarbone and a scalp laceration, while Ciaran sustained a fractured neck and broken bones in his back. Aidan had a deep laceration on his head that had to be treated with staples and glue. Interestingly, Wilmington was unharmed in the incident.

Wilmington pleaded guilty to the charges of dangerous driving on Kilbarchan’s Church Street on August 28, 2022, causing severe injuries to all four passengers.

Jim Clarke, Wilmington’s defense attorney, revealed that he had been dismissed from his role as an apprentice engineer at Rolls-Royce because of this conviction. He added that Wilmington acknowledges the very serious nature of this incident and has expressed deep remorse. Both he and the victims are dealing with the mental scars of this traumatic event.

As part of his sentencing, Sheriff McGinty criticised Wilmington for deciding to drive drunk and at high speed, putting his friends at risk. He made it clear that Wilmington fleeing the scene was an attempt to evade capture and noted his failure to assist his friends or summon emergency help for them.

In addition to the jail term, Wilmington received a driving ban for 35 months. He will be required to take an extended test if he wants to drive again.