A soccer-loving newlywed couple, Josh Gray, 28, and Elyse Ogilvie, 23, are gearing up for a unique honeymoon – off to Germany for Euro 2024, following the Tartan Army. The Glasgow duo tied the knot at the breath-taking Kinnettles Castle in Forfar on Saturday, and are set to embark on their unforgettable journey next week.

The pair got engaged in January of the previous year, strategically planning their wedding so that it wouldn’t conflict with the upcoming matches.

Josh and Elyse married at Kinnettles Castle in Forfar on Saturday
Josh and Elyse, fresh off their wedding at Kinnettles Castle
(Image: Downfield Studio Photography)

As Scotland started surging towards the qualification, the honeymoon destination became an obvious pick for the couple. Josh expressed, “While picking the wedding date, my primary focus was to ensure it didn’t overlie the potential Scotland games. Making plans for the trip didn’t start until after our surprising victory in Norway.”

Josh and Elyse will head to Germany on their honeymoon to follow Scotland
The happy couple all set to traverse Germany on their honeymoon, following Scotland
(Image: Supplied)

“Despite our caution, we stashed away funds whenever possible. We started booking our flights and accommodation right after the tournament venues got announced,” added Josh.

Even though being part of Euro 2024 was not Elyse’s dream honeymoon idea, her support and understanding made the entire planning process smoother.

“We plan to visit Munich on June 12 and savour the German cuisine and the royal beers. We then drive towards the Czech border and stay in Bavaria for a small romantic getaway before heading to Dusseldorf and Cologne,” added Josh.

Being from Montrose, the couple attended multiple home games together but weren’t lucky enough to score tickets for the tournament. They remain excited to watch the matches from fan zones, soaking up the atmosphere. Josh, filled with Scottish spirit, believes that Scotland could be the dark horse of the tournament.

“Although we couldn’t secure match tickets, we think the fan zones will create an equivalent atmosphere. I have a hunch we could stun everyone with our performance. Elyse is slightly more pragmatic but agrees that no matter the outcome, we’re going to have an unforgettable experience,” concluded Josh.

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