It’s a well-known fact that Brexit has triggered a host of issues for Scotland, culminating in a cascading set of challenges and hindrances.

Implemented despite the disapproval of the Scottish public, the Conservative-driven ordeal has exacted a significant toll on the Scottish economy, ensnared businesses in bureaucratic hurdles, contracted our labour pool, and stripped away the privileges and rights inherent to European citizenship.

Even simple pleasures like vacationing have been complicated due to the UK’s exit from the EU. Moreover, Scotland’s environment and globally-renowned wilderness are now under threat.

Present reports indicate how professionals suspect that the loss of access to EU courts and institutions has complicated the process of holding polluters accountable.

Previously, Scotland and the UK adhered to EU laws in various domains, especially concerning environmental regulations.

However, our system to keep polluters in line is currently in a state of chaos – another unexpected repercussion of the uninvited downsides of Brexit.

In this context, Scotland is witnessing “continued environmental degradation”, states Prof Campbell Gemmell, a law specialist at Strathclyde University

This deterioration is happening at a time when urgent environmental protection measures are needed due to the existing nature and climate crisis.

Scotland is facing disastrous levels of biodiversity loss, with one in nine species on the brink of extinction. Meanwhile, our oceans, rivers and landscape – including our urban hubs – are under escalating threat from large-scale pollution.

For this reason, the Environmental Rights Centre for Scotland’s suggestion of setting up a robust, dedicated Scottish Environment Court to uphold anti-pollution regulations should be earnestly taken into account.

The deleterious effects of Brexit have already deprived Scots of so much – we must take steps to ensure it does not devastate our environment as well.

A Sombre Outlook

The ongoing cost of living crisis has pushed many Scots into a corner.

Many have had to make tough choices, like deciding between heating and nourishment. For others, the rising energy and housing costs have made it almost impossible to enjoy life.

And while people are struggling to make ends meet, the wealth of multi-millionaire Rishi Sunak’s family has skyrocketed by more than £120 million.

The reality Sunak inhabits is clearly starkly detached from the challenges of everyday people, but all is not doom and gloom.

There’s an optimism arising from the likelihood of the current Tory PM being ousted from office in the following months. The anticipation of a general election and his eviction from Downing Street is palpable.

Sure, he would not have to grapple with financial insecurity, given his massive wealth. Nonetheless, at least someone so disengaged with the average person’s life wouldn’t be making all the decisions anymore.

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