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Elections to the Scottish Parliament will take place on Thursday, 6 May.

Counting in the eight Glasgow constituencies will take place at the Emirates Arena on London Road on Friday, 7 May and Saturday, 8 May.

We intend to count four constituencies each day, with four declarations on Friday and five on Saturday, including the declaration of the Regional List.

If you want to apply for accreditation to attend, you need to do so before 9am on Friday, April 23.


It is likely that various public health measures will remain in force due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We hope, given the layout of the count venue and the facilities it has, not to be in a position where we need to formally cap the number of media attending.

However, it is likely you will notice some differences from previous counts in Glasgow. Perhaps most significantly, the requirement for additional space in the counting areas means there will be significantly less public space.

The way you move around the venue will also be restricted – and we need to avoid groups gathering in close proximity at key points; most obviously at declarations.


Ballot boxes will be collected, as usual, as polls close on Thursday night and will be stored securely overnight at the count venue.

Counting of both papers in the first four constituencies will begin at 9am on Friday. It is extremely difficult to predict how long counting will take – for example, the fact we will not be waiting for ballot boxes to arrive could speed up the earliest part of the process; but we do not know to what extent hygiene and distancing precautions might then slow it down.

We intend to make declarations in the first four constituencies during the day. For guidance, we do not anticipate the count continuing beyond 6pm.

Counting of both papers in the final four constituencies will begin at 9am on Friday. Again, we do not anticipate the count continuing beyond 6pm.

Following the declaration of the final constituency and the arrival of results from the Rutherglen constituency, which is counted in South Lanarkshire, we will then make the declaration for the Regional List.

For constituency declarations, only the successful candidate will appear on stage with the Returning Officer. No candidates will appear on stage for the regional declaration.


Please note that you will be asked to observe various safety measures at the venue – this includes wearing a face covering and following one-way systems that will be in place in various parts of the venue.

We will also require you to provide Test and Trace data on entering the building, in order to receive your accreditation credentials. Further information on this process will be available once we have received applications.


Please email your request to before 9am on Friday, 23 April, with the subject line GLASGOW COUNT ACCREDITATION.

If possible, give us the names of everyone who will need to access the count venue. If this is difficult, submit numbers and roles and we will work with you to establish names once accreditation is closed.

We appreciate there remains a risk – although hopefully a decreasing one – that individuals may be required to self-isolate at short notice. If someone you accredit for the count is in this position, we will work with you to transfer their place after accreditation is closed.

Please limit numbers as much as you can.

If you are seeking accreditation only for one day, or for different teams on each day, it would be helpful if you could make this clear. Likewise, if you are seeking accreditation for anyone


When applying for accreditation, please indicate whether you expect to be broadcasting live and, broadly, when.

If you need to accredit technicians who are not likely to be present inside the venue during the count, please try and indicate this in your numbers.

If you have power or broadband requirements, please copy Stuart Frame at the Emirates Arena into your accreditation request

Please also indicate whether you anticipate requiring an outside broadcast vehicle.

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