Home News SNP can kick Tories out of ‘every seat in Scotland’, Swinney to say in speech

SNP can kick Tories out of ‘every seat in Scotland’, Swinney to say in speech


John Swinney is poised to express that the Scottish National Party (SNP) has the potential to oust the Conservatives from “every seat in Scotland” in his campaign runs ahead of the impending General Election. The campaigning on this day is expected to draw him to Dumfries, a region that falls within the constituency of Scottish Secretary, Alister Jack’s, Dumfries and Galloway.

On the same day, the Scottish branch of the Liberal Democrats will initiate their campaign. Scottish Conservative chief Douglas Ross will be canvassing in Falkirk, an area previously represented in the Scottish Parliament by erstwhile Scottish Health Secretary Michael Matheson.

The Conservatives managed to bag six Scottish constituencies in the last General Election. Later, Lisa Cameron of the SNP crossed party lines to become a Conservative.

Swinney is expected to argue, “In every seat currently held by the Tories, the SNP is the challenger and the only force that can subdue them – that’s why I’m calling on the people of Scotland to unite and vote for the SNP, ensuring we not only dismiss the Tories from Downing Street, but also kick them out of all Scottish constituencies.

“The Conservatives have displayed contempt for Scotland at every turn – and Alister Jack is a prime example. He has endeavoured to undermine the right to make decisions for Scotland and has been an enthusiastic proponent of Tory austerity and Brexit under the leadership of Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak.

“He personifies the utter disregard the Westminster establishment has for the people of Glasgow and other parts of Scotland. This election is Scotland’s opportunity to ensure that Westminster isn’t inundated with a new generation of Alister Jacks.

“In Scotland, the Labour party hardly seems interested in defeating the Tories. Instead, they’re concentrating their energies on assaulting the SNP. We are the only party capable of beating every Tory MP and assuring that the MPs we send to Westminster always prioritize Scotland.”

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