Home News Tartan Army troops offered cut price Euros camping deal for Germany match

Tartan Army troops offered cut price Euros camping deal for Germany match

Tartan Army troops offered cut price Euros camping deal for Germany match
Tartan Army troops offered cut price Euros camping deal for Germany match

Scots with last-minute travel plans for the upcoming opening match against Germany in Munich can still find affordable accommodation. A bed is available for as low as £20 per night, with breakfast included.

The countdown is on with just a month left till the Euro 2024 first match on June 14. Despite many rooms being quickly reserved after Scotland was confirmed to play against the host team last year, some fans are still contemplating making the journey. Accommodation prices have considerably surged since the announcement, with some charging over £1,000 per night for a stay coinciding with the game at Allianz Arena. However, there are still bargain deals on offer. for those open to lodging in a tent on both the Friday and the night before the game – available for just £22 per night.

The magnificent sights at the 'Oktoberfest on a Budget Munich' campsite

The ‘Oktoberfest on a Budget Munich’ campsite, which extends this cost-friendly option, boasts a beautiful green view, a sunny terrace, and a round-the-clock front desk to assist post-match late returns. Plus, there is a coffee shop and a mini market on-site and a free continental breakfast included in the price.

Fans could also opt for a more luxurious option if budget is not a constraint. A bunk bed in a mixed dormitory room can be secured for merely £53 for two nights. Conveniently enough, the city and the Allianz Arena, in which Scotland and Germany will go head to head at 8 pm on Friday, are just a half-hour taxi drive from the site.

The 'Oktoberfest on a Budget Munich' campsite

Additionally, the Olympiapark Fanzone, due to attract thousands of fans to watch the game on large screens, is just a 45-minute commute via public transport.

Graeme Baxter, vice-chair of the Association of Tartan Army Clubs, has called for Scots still debating the value in making the journey to seize the booking opportunity before it’s gone.

Graeme told local Glasgow news outlet: “Europe’s summer fiesta for Scots is in Germany. For those still considering taking a flight and camping, don’t hesitate! It is a perfect chance for the Tartan Army to bring vibrancy, loudness, and friendliness to the locals.

The Tartan Army are set to flood Germany

“Join us in Munich, Cologne, and Stuttgart – and beyond. It could prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many of us!”

Next month, Scotland is preparing to play against Germany, Switzerland, and Hungary in Group A. Up to 100,000 Scots are reckoned to go to the host nation.

Tens of thousands will either drive, fly or take the train, striving to plug in and participate in our first overseas international finals since the World Cup in France in 1998.

The Tartan Army is collaborating with German authorities to arrange a phenomenal march to the game against Switzerland in Cologne. The Scotland fan group has worked assiduously with the SFA, the host city team and local police to carefully plan the nearly 2km walk to the vitally important Group A match at RheinEnergieStadion on June 19.

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