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The Frighteners – why we all love to be scared

riverside museum

Confession time. I’m an ordained church minister with a taste for the macabre. I appreciate that sounds odd. Surely a Reverend is supposed to be ‘a professional nice person’. I should be listening to Cliff Richard albums and watching Songs of Praise on a loop, right? Wrong. To be honest, most clergy have pretty varied tastes. I know one pastor who collects porcelain snails, for example. Another who can’t stop surfing. My hobby just happens to be of the morbid flavour. Ever since I was a kid (and long before I ever set foot in a church, mind you), I’ve got a kick out scary movies. I shoot zombies in video games and I love true-life tales of the paranormal. I’m also the creator of the macabre crime fiction novel series that features Matt Hunter, an atheist ex-vicar who helps the police catch religiously motivated serial killers. Both Purged and Unleashed have funny bits and happy moments too, but let me be straight with you – they pull very few punches when it comes to violence, death and hints of the supernatural.

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