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The housing crisis in Scotland must be solved urgently


Scotland is currently grappling with multiple crises, and in many situations, a cash boost is needed. However, the funds are scarce. Edinburgh councillors have responded to Shelter Scotland’s plea to declare a housing emergency.

Such action exerts more pressure on Humza Yousaf to devise an action plan to alleviate the hardship of thousands of families residing in inadequate temporary homes. While the First Minister is already dealing with financial demands from all directions, Shelter’s suggestion goes beyond merely asking for money from an already depleted purse.

Shelter Scotland is proposing a rethink of a £3.5 billion funding allocation, which evidently isn’t being deployed quickly enough for new construction work. Economic barriers are hindering the completion of homes. It, therefore, seems sensible to direct a substantial amount of the budget towards purchasing homes in the private sector or towards enhancing repairs to convert vacant properties into comfortable living spaces.

Previous Scottish governments have perpetually postponed addressing the housing shortage. And the housing minister, Paul McLennan, appears equally determined to do the same. He continually reiterates a target of constructing 110,000 homes by 2032, a goal he is least likely to accomplish considering his far-fetched position from the housing crisis.

The goal is one that no credible source views as plausible and is overshadowed by factors like inflation and interest rates. An accurate portrayal of what can be achieved in the coming years necessitates a redrafting of plans. However, the foremost priority should be measures capable of immediately accommodating families in suitable homes in places like Glasgow.

Fiscal Stability

The news of a council tax freeze for the coming year, as announced by Humza Yousaf, came as a surprise to many, particularly to the heads of the 32 local councils. It has been revealed that several town hall leaders were planning to increase council tax by more than 10% in some instances. Budgets of local authorities have been hit hard due to the consistent real-term cuts in funding over the years.

The rapid rise in inflation has further aggravated the situation. Despite the financial challenges, the Scottish Government has committed to bear the full cost of the council tax freeze for the next year.

Considering the vast costs implied, ministers must clarify how they plan to make this happen. Councils deliver essential public services and require solid financial plans for the upcoming months.

A grand SNP conference policy announcement should not result in the shutting down of local sports centres or after-school clubs. Budgets need to be balanced and can’t be set impulsively.

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