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Glasgow City Council is seeking views from local groups and voluntary and third sector organisations around the city, on a new grants fund.

The new fund, being introduced in April 2020, will be used to tackle specific city priorities, allowing resources to be directed where they are needed most and can make the biggest impact on the lives of our citizens.

The council have committed to look at how it will fund third sector and community groups to deliver these priorities, as set out in the Council’s Strategic Plan and this is underpinned by the Concordat developed with Third Sector Interface Network in 2018.

As partnership structures within the city have changed including the founding of the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP), the establishment of the Community Empowerment Act and the development of the council’s community plan, the establishment of the new fund come at a timely juncture.

Stakeholder engagement events are being organised at the end of March to consider the priorities for the new fund while looking at increasing access, improving evaluation and measuring the outcomes and sharing of best practice.

Part of the discussion will also focus on how the fund can be used more flexibly to take account of or be redirected towards addressing emerging issues in the city. It will also look at how the council can support projects for longer than a year, which is the current funding period.

Councillor Jennifer Layden, city convener for equalities and human rights, said: “The development of a new fund gives us an opportunity to take a fresh look at what matters to people in their local areas and where we need to target our support to really make a difference.

“We already have strong relationships with a number of third sector and community groups around the city but we are aware that since the IGF was introduced in 2010 there are maybe new groups that want to have their say and assist us in jointly developing ambitious new plans.

“This is their chance to become involved and have a say in what we should be funding and importantly how we can widen access to the fund.

“We are greatly encouraged by the many organisations that have already expressed their willingness to be involved.”

Places at the events were all booked up by local groups and voluntary and third sector organisations within a very short period of time but work is being done to look at holding a third event to make sure that a wide range of views are gathered.

Anyone who is still interested in attending should register their details on the wait list at

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