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Why Scotland is getting more overweight – and what we can do about it

riverside museum

ON this bustling, city centre street in Glasgow, KFC – where you can chose between a 6, 10 or 14 piece “bargain bucket” of chicken – is just a few doors down from Burger King. Next door is one of several convenience stores where large bags of big brand confectionary jostle for attention with 99p servings of colourful sweets and the fridge is stocked with energy and fizzy drinks, and chocolate milk. The pub on the corner has a two-for-one deal on burger and chips meals, and further down you can get a pizza for a fiver if you eat by 5pm. Then there is the comfortingly familiar scent of chips, coated in lip-smackingly-satisfying salt and vinger (no east coast sauce in this town), piping hot and plentiful. So plentiful, in fact, that an average portion of chips alone (380g) will provide half of my daily calorie intake. .

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