Labour’s Deputy Prime Minister-in-waiting finds herself irate and this time it’s not because of the Tories.

Less than 12 hours had passed since Angela Rayner, who is heralded as Labour’s next deputy prime minister, was absolved by HMRC in a dispute over her former council residence. However, she is now fiercely upset about financial dealings of an SNP minister.

Rayner, known for her directness, doesn’t mince words when discussing Scotland’s former Health Secretary Michael Matheson, who is currently subjected to an investigation over his £11,000 iPad bill from law enforcement.

Rayner expressed her indignation,” I was accused of breaking the law and my immediate response was that I’d step down and resign if I had done so. Without question.”

“But an SNP minister who billed taxpayers £11,000 is still being shielded and applauded by the leader of the SNP. As lawmakers, you can’t engage in such behaviour as it breaches voters’ trust.

“People are correct to claim there is one rule for them, and another rule for us. This key difference exists, irrespective of whether we’re discussing the Tories in Westminster or the SNP here in Scotland.”

She added,”I uphold the same standards as ordinary people; whether they’re supermarket workers, office employees, or members of parliament. No one is superior.”

SNP's Michael Matheson is currently under police investigation due to his £11,000 iPad bill.
The SNP’s Michael Matheson is facing a police investigation into his £11,000 iPad bill.
(Image: PA)

Rayner is discontented with the SNP’s moral posturing in both Westminster and Holyrood. According to her, this incident shows that the trust between the Scottish government and its voters is nearing a breaking point.

Rayner continued,” SNP’s leaders have lost focus. Politicians exist to serve, not serve themselves. When you’re in a governmental position and bearing accountability, you carry added responsibilities, in which the SNP has sadly faltered.”

“What this episode demonstrates is an attempt at a cover-up and obfuscation, and this is unacceptable. It merely comes across as a desperate attempt to defend the indefensible. And the people can see right through this,”

Rayner, a former teenage mother, was in Glasgow, a city which reminded her of her own hometown, Manchester.

She joked,”That’s the Northern thing, isn’t it?”

Currently campaigning on minimal sleep – she confesses that this is her norm, not only during elections – the Member of Parliament for Ashton-under-Lyne has been addressing voters’ concerns revolving around the cost-of-living crisis, fuel and food poverty, and the frayed NHS.

She stated,”People across regions have had enough. For quite some time, the SNP has claimed to be the sole means of improving Scotland.”

“I want to demonstrate to the Scottish people that we can attain this objective together. I believe that an incoming Labour government has the additional task to ensure that Scottish people can witness the transformation.”

“If Labour manages to secure their vote, if people who were formerly SNP voters cast their vote for Labour, they need to see this evolution. A metamorphosed Labour party.”

“They must see evident results in Scotland. As a prospective Deputy Prime Minister, I am deeply aware of the need to improve the lives of citizens, not only in Scotland but also in Wales, Greater Manchester, and the South. Amidst a cost-of-living crisis, everyone’s living conditions must be enhanced, not merely in selective regions.”

Rayner has survived a rough tenure in the House of Commons, yet she does not complain. However, her presence is enough to unsettle the Conservative Government.

Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner with leading editor.
Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner with a leading editor.

Nevertheless, being accustomed to bullying and condescension motivates her to strive harder to prove her worth. The 44-year-old Rayner said, “Taxi drivers often tell me I appear grumpy on television. What expression am I supposed to have? I am conversing with the Tories. Who are causing harm.”

“Growing up on rough council estates meant relentless bullying considered as the norm. The fear I felt became a recurring feature of my childhood and teenage years when I had a baby and had to prove my potential.”

Rayner also shares her insight on her background, her erratic childhood experiences (where she was her mother’s caretaker and often went to school on an empty stomach). This means she is not daunted by the hard work ahead of her.

Rayner ended the conversation,” Working families face crises every day and you just have to fight through it. This is the working-class ethos, rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done.”

The tough circumstances of her upbringing have also taught her the importance of fulfilling promises, whether it’s as a person or a political party,”The SNP, like the Tories, are shirking their responsibility to address fundamental issues. The lack of ambition is palpable. The absence of strategic planning and focus leads to chaos.”

She added, “Similarly, the Tories in Scotland are driving the region into double chaos. Especially considering the multiple crises that we’ve weathered through, Labour cannot afford to ignore Scotland if we win the elections in the next five years, nor can we overlook the need for reform.”

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