Alagie Morr, a former operative of the Gambian intelligence agency, has been accused of numerous heinous acts of torture. Despite this, he lives freely in Glasgow, Scotland.

Amidst an outcry from politicians and human rights groups, we discovered that Morr, also referred to as Edrissa Jobe, presently lives in a flat in Glasgow.

In the oppressive government of the infamous Gambian president Yahya Jammeh, he played a significant role. Jammeh’s 22-year dictatorship was marred by unrestrained violence, arbitrary arrests, and political assassinations.

Morr has been linked to brutalities, such as beatings, sexual abuse, and the electrocution of prisoners under his watch, by governmental investigations.

There are increasing calls for him to face justice, which may necessitate his return to Gambia, now a democratic republic.

However, Morr insists that returning home would be tragically dangerous for him. Speaking from his east-side flat in Glasgow, he stated his fears of being killed or of having to kill someone himself if he returned.

Morr has been residing in the Barlanark neighbourhood of Glasgow for a few years now, awaiting the outcome of his asylum claim.

Last year, due to an incident where he reportedly pursued his partner or ex-partner into a nearby lane and kicked her, he was charged under the Abusive Prejudice and Sexual Harm Act. Procurator Fiscal, however, deserted the charges and no further action was taken.

Police Scotland, along with the Crown Office, are said to be reviewing information about the accusations of Morr’s crimes in Gambia to decide their next steps, which may involve a potential extradition.

The Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) of Gambia has identified Morr as a senior agent in the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and the Drug Law Enforcement Agency (DLEAG) president’s ranks.

The commission’s reports have repeatedly associated him with horrific cases, wherein detainees reported brutalities, including stripping, handcuffing, and sexual assault.

A victim, left with broken teeth, recounted being severely kicked and stripped naked by Morr before having his genitals violated.

There were reports of some prisoners being electrocuted, but it remains unclear which agents conducted these punishments.

Reed Brody, an international war crimes prosecutor and representative of the Human Rights Watch in Brussels, said: “Edrissa Jobe, or Alagie Morr as he is also known, was a close ally of Yahya Jammeh. He has been credibly implicated in multiple cases of torture in Gambia where the Truth Commission has called for his prosecution.

“One way or another, in Scotland or Gambia, Alagie Morr should be brought to justice.”

When confronted at his home in Glasgow, Morr maintained that he was not the decision-maker in Jammeh’s government. Expressing his love for his present place of residence, he insisted concerns about human rights violations troubled him deeply. Morr argued that he was merely following orders and was aiming to uphold justice both in his country and globally.

Calls to hold Morr accountable for his actions are growing louder. If proven guilty, he could face extradition back to Gambia or may even be tried in Scotland.

The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service deemed it inappropriate to comment at this time, leaving Morr’s fate hanging in the balance.

Children aren’t currently with Morr, and his wife passed away four years ago. Reoungly reminded of this tragic loss, Morr laments not knowing where she’s buried and why she died.

He resides in a flat filled with fitness equipment. His neighbours remain ignorant of his past, thinking of him only as a night-shift worker.