Home News Baby dies just days after being taken to hospital with raised temperature

Baby dies just days after being taken to hospital with raised temperature

Baby dies just days after being taken to hospital with raised temperature
Baby dies just days after being taken to hospital with raised temperature

The unthinkable loss of a beloved baby has left a Scottish family in grief. The 14-month-old child passed away just two days after being hospitalized due to a high fever. Neil Plenderleith and Catherine Winn, both 44, began to worry when their son, Sonny, exhibited signs of illness.

On seeing a GP for Sonny’s condition, they were advised to bring him to A&E due to the possibility of a viral infection. Personnel at the A&E in Glasgow suspected him to have a respiratory tract infection. During a night at home, after their visit to the A&E, Sonny’s parents noticed a rash developing on the child’s body. Given the alarming development, they immediately took him to A&E the following day, 20th March.

Sonny was then admitted to the paediatric intensive care unit at Glasgow Children’s Hospital. Medics diagnosed him with a potentially severe pneumococcal disease brought on by streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria. While this disease typically causes ear and sinus infections, it can also result in pneumonia and bloodstream infections. At its most severe, it can group into sepsis. Tragically, just two days after admission, Sonny succumbed to the illness due to the infection penetrating to his brain.

Mother Catherine is quoted by Glasgow Live as saying that they initially thought it was a normal viral infection common among babies. The night Sonny was admitted, he seemed to be recovering. However, his condition suddenly worsened, and the doctors advised them to anticipate the worst.

Finding solace amidst their unimaginable pain, Catherine and Neil have decided to donate Sonny’s organs. They hope to prevent another family from experiencing a similar tragedy. They carry the comfort that their boy’s organ donation may give someone else a chance at life, a silver lining to their dreadful loss.

Amidst their deepest sorrow, Sonny’s parents direct their immense gratitude towards the medical staff for their valiant efforts in trying to save Sonny. The family has instigated a fundraiser in memory of Sonny, initiated by his nursery, Hyde N Seek. The donations collected will be handed over to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at Glasgow’s Children’s Hospital.

You can extend a helping hand to Sonny’s cause by donating to his GoFundMe page here. For the latest happenings in Scotland and beyond, you can subscribe to our daily newsletter.

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