The most affordable supermarket for March 2024 has been officially announced and Aldi has managed to maintain its top position once more.

Consumer protection organization Which? awarded this highly coveted title to the well-known budget supermarket in its recent price analysis conducted last month. Thus it’s no surprise that Aldi has come out on top yet again this year, after clinching the top spot in January and February too.

The monthly price comparison examines the average prices at eight of the UK’s most significant supermarket chains. The most recent findings indicated that Aldi shoppers could enjoy a saving of £37.46 on an extensive trolley of 71 items, which on average cost £121.06 throughout March.

However, Lidl, Aldi’s budget competitor, was not too far behind. This fellow German supermarket managed to hold onto its runner-up slot with a margin of less than £2 separating the two – the total being £122.95.

According to Which?, the latest comparison included a large trolley of own-brand items along with items from some majorly popular brands such as Hovis, Dolmio and Heinz. Special offers were taken into account, but multi-buys or two-tier prices for loyalty schemes weren’t included.

So far in 2024, Aldi’s winning streak comes in the wake of it being awarded the title of the cheapest supermarket for 2023. The supermarket won the title for the third year in succession. Which? discovered that for 11 out of 12 months the previous year, the supermarket was the most cost-effective, making it the overall cheapest.

Ele Clark, Which? Retail Editor, expressed, “Once again, our most recent monthly analysis has seen Aldi uphold its position as the cheapest supermarket in the UK.”

Clark added: “Given the constant pressure on household budgets due to increasing food prices, it’s no wonder that many are opting for discounters to save money. And with potential savings of close to £40, it’s quite logical that consumers would switch supermarkets.”

















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