A father, bereaved by the tragic bathtub drowning of his baby boy, is resolute in his quest for justice. He has recently acquired the right to sue Scotland’s largest local authority for compensation.

In August 2018, 10-month-old Logan Cruickshanks lost his life while under the care of his grandmother, Agnes Kerr. His stay was facilitated by the local authority of Glasgow as a part of a kinship arrangement.

Logan’s life was prematurely ended during bathtime, in an unfortunate incident overseen by his aunt, Kayleigh Kerr, 25, who lived at the same residence in Easterhouse.

Kayleigh was put on trial for culpable homicide at the High Court in Glasgow in September 2022. However, she was ultimately found innocent, thus dismissing her responsibility for Logan’s tragic death.

Tommy Cruickshanks is taking legal action against Glasgow City Council following the drowning of his infant son, Logan.

Determined father, Tommy Cruickshanks, 28, informed media outlets about his recent pursuit for justice in the form of a court case.

Tommy resolutely stated, “Glasgow City Council failed to undertake the necessary assessments I requested. I will relentlessly fight until someone is held accountable. I expressed concerns over his safety from the beginning.”

Tommy filed for compensation for his son’s death at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, alleging negligence on the part of the local social work department.

The City Council of Glasgow requested the court to dismiss the compensation claim. However, Judge Lord Weir granted Tommy the right for his case to be heard.

A duration of eight days has been earmarked for the case in late November of this year.

The traumatic event led to Tommy being hospitalized, where he was subsequently diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and anxiety disorders.

“The impact of the event continues to affect me profoundly,” Tommy adds.

Kayleigh Kerr was accused of neglecting her nephew as she left him alone in his baby bath seat while she was busy drawing bathwater for him before their scheduled outdoor activities, only occasionally checking on him.

Upon her last check, she found a deeply disturbing sight – Logan submerged underwater. She frantically carried him to her mother’s bed to begin life-saving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Emergency services were immediately alerted, but unfortunately, Logan couldn’t be revived.

Upon the trial’s conclusion, Judge Lord Matthews declared, “There are no winners in this case.”

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