Making a decision to bring a puppy or dog into your home should not be taken lightly as it comes with a substantial commitment. There are numerous considerations to ponder over even before taking this critical step.

Figuring out a compatible breed based on your environment and doing comprehensive research about potential breeders or adoption centres are necessary steps. An additional crucial factor is to make sure you follow the legal guidelines associated with dog ownership.

A novice pet owner recently inquired about the necessity of getting their new furry friend microchipped.

The question was:

‘I’ve owned a Labrador puppy for the first time, which I procured from an officially registered dog breeder. Is it necessary for me to get him microchipped, and if yes, what does it entail?’

Advice Direct Scotland, providing their professional insights, clarified:

In compliance with law, all dog owners are obliged to have their pets microchipped. This step primarily guarantees that in the unfortunate event of your pet getting lost or stolen, a quick reunion with your pet becomes possible.

The process further facilitates in identifying the rightful owner, should their dog cause an attack or inflict harm on another person or pet. Sellers ideally should have had the dog microchipped if it’s above eight weeks old.

For those who fail to adhere to the mandatory microchipping guidelines, they face a risk of heavy fines up to £500. In some circumstances, their dog might even be confiscated by regulatory authorities.

Microchipping technique incorporates implanting a small chip, similar to the dimensions of a grain of rice, under the skin of the dog, typically situated around the neck area. This is generally executed with a needle. The microchip when scanned reveals information unique to the dog.

The cost of this procedure varies from £10 to £15 and can usually be executed by a technician, a veterinarian or even a vet nurse. Some dog grooming outlets, pet sitters, or dog walking services also provide microchipping services.

It is closely recommended to verify the qualifications of the individual managing this procedure and to acquire the corresponding documentation.

All other details related to microchipping norms can be retrieved from the official Scottish Government’s website.

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