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Drink Like Jack and Victor: Still Game’s Harrid’s Now Selling Alcohol


Still Game shop ‘Harrid’s’ granted permission to sell alcohol, Johnny Irving.

Imagine walking into Harrid’s Convenience Store, the iconic location from the hit sitcom ‘Still Game,’ and being able to purchase your favorite bottle of wine or spirits. Well, that’s now a reality, as the city’s licensing board has granted Harrid’s an off-sales license to sell alcohol.

For those unfamiliar with the show, Harrid’s is the fictional convenience store where Navid Harrid serves as the manager, and Jack and Victor are regular customers. The store, located in Glasgow, has become a fan-favorite, and its inclusion in the show has made it a household name.

The new operators of Harrid’s are a husband and wife from Iran with a background in retail. They are excited to bring a new twist to the iconic shop and offer customers the opportunity to purchase a variety of alcoholic beverages, including spirits, wine, and beer.

Brian McMahon, who represented the operators, told the licensing board that Harrid’s was potentially the most famous shop in Scotland. “If I was to tell you the name of the manager or the customers, you would know the shop immediately,” he said. “Navid is the manager, and Jack and Victor were the customers.”

The news of Harrid’s new alcohol license is sure to excite fans of the show. It will be interesting to see how the new operators integrate the sale of alcohol into the store while maintaining its iconic charm. Perhaps we will see a new generation of Still Game enthusiasts gathering at Harrid’s to grab a drink and reminisce about the beloved sitcom.

One thing is for sure, Johnny Irving, the actor who played Navid Harrid, would be proud to know that the store he made famous will continue to serve the community in a new and exciting way. So, next time you’re in Glasgow, be sure to stop by Harrid’s Convenience Store and grab a bottle of your favorite beverage while enjoying a piece of Scottish television history.

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