Home News Ed Davey backs Anne’s Law campaign and urges Holyrood to speed up progress

Ed Davey backs Anne’s Law campaign and urges Holyrood to speed up progress

Ed Davey backs Anne's Law campaign and urges Holyrood to speed up progress
Ed Davey backs Anne's Law campaign and urges Holyrood to speed up progress

Sir Ed Davey, leader of Liberal Democrats, has called upon the Scottish Government to hasten their efforts on legislating Anne’s Law, contending it as a significant measure for safeguarding individuals residing within care facilities. He extends his full-fledged support towards this drive backed by the Sunday Mail, whose objective is to enable the relatives of the elderly residents in care homes the right to visit their loved ones just like the care home staff.

This legislation draws its name from Anne Duke, 63, who experienced the distress of being unable to meet her mother for several months amidst the pandemic lockdown, like the many families that were similarly situated.

While on his concluding visit to Scotland, specifically Glasgow, before the approaching election, Sir Ed asserted his endorsement for the Sunday Mail’s initiative for Anne’s Law. He further voiced his discussions about Anne Duke with Willie Rennie, who during the pandemic chaos, endeavoured to permit families to visit their loved ones residing in care homes. Sir Ed emphasized the indispensable role of this visitation, backed by the ample evidence supporting the fact that regular interaction with loved ones significantly enhances the mental wellbeing of care home residents.

Moreover, he stressed on the urgent need for changes in guidance, buttressed by the implementation of a strong law to ensure this right.

Anne Duke
Anne Duke
(Image: Submitted)

Criticising SNP’s plan of introducing Anne’s Law along the National Care Service bill. Sir Ed voiced his concerns and urged the Scottish Government to enact Anne’s Law with immediate urgency. He cautioned against further delays.

Sir Ed, who himself has had the experience of caring for his mother and his specially-abled son John, has often spoken about the challenges and joys that come with the role.

Sir Ed recently visited North East Fife to play shinty with local candidate Wendy Chamberlain and later joined Christine Jardine, the Edinburgh West candidate, at a circus skills workshop.

Reflecting upon the campaign progress, Sir Ed expressed that it was progressing rather better than he had anticipated. He highlighted that in some rural areas, the contest was primarily between the Liberal Democrats and the SNP.

Despite the disadvantage posed by the boundary modifications, he expressed optimism for winning over Caithness and North East Fife. He appreciated the support extended by Conservative and Labour voters to the Liberal Democrats in their battle against the SNP.

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