Rishi Sunak was cautioned that scheduling a general election during the Scottish school holidays could result in chaos. The last general election to take place in July was in 1945, a decision influenced by the conclusion of World War II. The choice to hold the vote on July 4 displays a complete disregard for Glasgow and wider Scotland.

These sentiments were echoed by the SNP First Minister, John Swinney. However, the tone-deaf Prime Minister refused to take heed of these warnings and relentlessly continued to plan the election.

The delays in the distribution of postal ballots to Scots, who will be vacationing before July 4, have deprived these individuals of their democratic right. Postal votes were designed to cater to those unable to present at a polling station on election day. Many had accounted for their summer plans and had applied for postal votes well ahead of time, but many of these people will not have the chance to vote due to not receiving their voting package before their departure for holiday – a valid cause for their outrage.

This election is arguably one of the most critical for many years, presenting a feasible opportunity to oust the Conservatives and establish a Labour government.

Several constituencies across the nation will see fiercely close contests, making every vote count. It is therefore essential to enable those who haven’t received their postal votes to cast a ballot. Some council areas have established early polling stations for those who have yet to receive a postal ballot, allowing them to vote early. This initiative needs to be implemented across Scotland to ensure that no citizen is deprived of their fundamental right to vote.

Stick with Labour

Stephen Flynn, who has served as the SNP’s Westminster leader for over 18 months, is a competent politician who has greatly impressed with his effective leadership. His positions on child poverty and economic reform align with ours, and his forthright style and ability to hold Rishi Sunak accountable during Prime Minister’s Questions have garnered our admiration.

Flynn seems to believe that our support for Labour will do little to address the problems our country faces. However, we respectfully disagree with his stance. Now more than ever is the time to rally behind Labour with the aim of removing the current Tory Government, a government we believe has been marked by corruption and scandalous mishandling of affairs.

On July 5, only two individuals can feasibly become Prime Minister: Rishi Sunak or Keir Starmer.

The Tories have arguably decimated our economy and wreaked havoc on our public services over the past 14 years. Our nation is worse off today than it was when the Conservatives assumed office in 2010. As such, we believe it is vitally important that readers cast their votes in favour of Labour, to replace the current government.

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