Home News William and Harry denied inheritance of Princess Diana’s former home

William and Harry denied inheritance of Princess Diana’s former home

William and Harry denied inheritance of Princess Diana's former home
William and Harry denied inheritance of Princess Diana's former home

Princess Diana grew up in the revered and historic Northamptonshire property, The Althorp Estate, a sprawling expanse that stretches over 13,000 acres. This property, which has been the ancestral home of the Spencer family for over half a millennium, does not sit in the inheritance line of either Prince Harry or Prince William, much to the surprise of many.

Instead, the estate is to be passed on to Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp, the prince’s cousin and the son of Earl Spencer, who is Diana’s younger sibling. Born in the year 1994, Louis, who now holds the responsibility of inheriting the property, is 30 years old. He will inherit it in line with the aristocracy’s system of primogeniture, which sees titles being passed down to the eldest son rather than the firstborn child, despite having three older sisters.

The Althorp Estate holds great significance as it is Diana’s final resting place and the property where she spent the most formative years of her life. Althorp, in its grandeur and allure, is a tribute to the enduring legacy of the Spencer family.

Charles Spencer, the 9th Earl Spencer and the current owner of Althorp Estate, has dutifully curated numerous events and exhibitions at Althorp to honor Diana’s philanthropic work and life, as per reports from the Express.

Apart from being the elder son of Charles Spencer and his first spouse, Victoria Lockwood, Louis Spencer is also an actor by profession. He attended the University of Glasgow and honed his acting skills in a drama school situated in Chiswick, Glasgow. Compared to his famous cousins, Louis prefers maintaining a relatively low profile. Now represented by Tavistock Wood Talent Agency, Louis is esteemed among peers for his exceptional acting talent.

As reported by OK! Magazine, Louis has already started participating in Trustee meetings concerning the estate he is due to inherit shortly. With the title of Earl Spencer, Louis will also assume the responsibility of preserving, managing, and maintaining the historicity and integrity of the Althorp Estate once he inherits the property.

The lifestyle magazine Tatler has cited Louis Spencer to be among Britain’s most eligible bachelors, portraying him as a “charmingly dapper” with an “earthly sophisticated savoir-faire.”

Louis Spencer’s eldest sister, Lady Kitty Spencer, has previously expressed her feelings over her younger brother inheriting the estate. She accepted the system of Primogeniture while also expressing her faith in Louis’s abilities to undertake the responsibilities associated with the estate.

Much like Princess Diana who cherished a serene childhood at the Northamptonshire property, hopingly, the legacy of the Althorp Estate will be reverentially carried on by Louis Spencer. The intricate history of the Spencer lineage and the grandeur of the residence continues to fascinate visitors, who are welcomed during select periods of the year.

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