Enthusiasts of the Outlander series have been set abuzz after video footage suggested the popular Starz show is filming once again at the key Craigh na Dun location in Scotland. This location is an essential part of the series as it provides characters, including Claire Fraser (portrayed by Caitriona Balfe), with the ability to time travel.

The resonating stones re-emerged in the conclusion of the most recent season when Jemmy (played by Blake Johnston Miller), the son of Roger MacKenzie (Richard Rankin) and Brianna Fraser (Sophie Skelton), was abducted by Rob Cameron (Chris Fulton).

The TikTok user, willsadventures2025, released footage implying that filming is occurring again at this familiar location. This could be for reshoots of part two of season seven, or for the upcoming eighth and ultimate season. Although he asserts Outlander was in the process of filming, he was asked to leave the set when it became apparent he was not part of the production team.

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan
The stones at Craigh na Dun allow Claire to travel in time

The vicinity surrounding the stones was teeming with parked vehicles and trailers, including one exhibiting the emblem of Movie Makers, a transportation service known to have supported the series previously. As filming of season eight commenced earlier this year, it is feasible that the final Fraser ventures will entail further time travel.

Suspense among Outlander aficionado heightens following the release of this intriguing footage, leading them to posit that the conclusive episodes may reconnect to the mysterious manifestation of Jamie’s ghost witnessed in the first season.

"I am fully convinced we will see the ‘forget me nots’ in some form," one fan postulated on Reddit, alluding to the mystifying flowers that surround the stones. These mysterious flora are thought to hold clues about the series finale.

Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin
Brianna and Roger face a tough decision as the series continues
(Image: STARZ)

Theories suggest the stones may feature prominently in Outlander’s finale as Dianna Gabaldon’s book series is yet to reach its conclusion. This implies the TV series could carve out its own unique ending. Additionally, many are speculating that these stones could lead towards the impending prequel, Outlander: Blood of My Blood, which will explore the backstory of Jamie’s parents.

Though fans remain curious, the video offers no confirmation if these shoots belong to the eighth season of Outlander. Thus, enthusiasts must patiently wait to see if their conjectures materialise.

The second part of Outlander season 7 makes its debut on Friday, November 22 on Starz. The series enjoys substantial popularity among viewers in Glasgow.

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